Kind Words

It has been our pleasure to work with all of our wonderful couples. We are so grateful to be part of your big day and share the love and joy with your closest friends and family. Congratulations to you all and thank you so much for your kind words!

♥ Crystal & Celine ♥

Photo by HN Wedding

Hiring Crystal as our full wedding planner was the best decision ever! We knew she’s the perfect fit after consultation because of her extensive knowledge and experience, along with a genuinely helpful demeanor.

Throughout planning, she provided vendors, ideas, and solutions with honest feedback so we could decide which fits us best based on our wants and budget. She’s also incredibly detailed, so much that even our vendors complimented her for making their jobs easier. Her relationships with vendors and the ability to think outside of the box helped us cut costs too!

We’re thankful that she offers design, decorating, and calligraphy services too, as her creativity skills and desire for perfection is exactly what a busy and stressed bride needs! She went beyond expectations on every aspect of our wedding; we both jaw-dropped during room reveal.

Crystal, thanks for the fairy-tale wedding of our dreams! It was so beautiful, elegant, and even more romantic than we imagined.

Loretta & Trevor

Services received: Full planning (8 months), month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, floral, decor design & rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by L’Estelle Photography

We can’t imagine doing any of this without Crystal. Knowing Crystal was there and making sure everything was perfect was a great sense of relief.

We had a small wedding with just immediate family. We put off getting married for a while and was never into the idea of a big wedding but after 20 years of dating we gave in. The day of was a whirlwind. We did not think it was going to go that fast! With Crystal’s incredible organization skills and vast knowledge everything went so smoothly. She has an incredible eye for detail and was very communicative throughout the process.

Early on we had very particular ideas of what the wedding should look like and Crystal helped fluff out all the details and made the day even better than we imagined.

It has been an incredible journey. Thank you so much Crystal!!

Lisa & Michael

Services received: Elopement planning and coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, decor design & rental

Photo by Stephen K Lee Photography

Including my own wedding, I’ve had the privilege of attending 4 amazing weddings/elopement coordinated by Luxe Weddings and can attest to the quality work they deliver. Crystal and her team are an absolute joy to work with.

Crystal cares deeply about her work. Very early on in the wedding planning stages it became clear to me that Crystal genuinely enjoys seeing her clients’ event unfold seamlessly. The level of detail and thoughtfulness she demonstrates is unmatched! She is organized and thorough – a natural in making sure all basis are covered. Her communication was always professional and effective.

My husband and I dealt with a family emergency in the last weeks leading up to our wedding. It was an extremely stressful time and Crystal supported us through many last minute decisions. She was understanding every step of the way and had no difficulty straightening things out with short notice. Because of her help, we were ultimately able to carry on with our wedding as scheduled.

On my wedding day I had peace of mind knowing we can fully lean on her if anything unexpected were to come up. Crystal thinks a few steps ahead and is quick on her feet with her wealth of experience.

It was fantastic to work with Crystal who enjoys helping her clients and does it exceptionally well. We are so grateful for the hard work she put in to making our wedding possible!

Anthea & Kit

Services received: Month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, consultation

Photo by HN Wedding

We initially hired Crystal for month of coordination. When we had to actually start planning, we ended up extending our contract for additional planning. Crystal makes it so easy! She has a roster of contacts, she’s experienced, gives great advice and most importantly she listens. She’ll review all the contracts to make sure it includes what you want. She also points out if you’re getting a good deal or if something doesn’t look right. If someone is not responding, she will follow up on your behalf.

She adapted to the way we worked best and her work ethics are quite dynamic. She can handle multiple requests at a time and also slow it down if you need to focus on one task at a time. She takes over all communication with the vendors which is great for someone who wants to be completely hands off. I found myself reaching out to vendors and she is also accommodating to that. When we first signed Crystal, she shared with us that she only works 1 wedding a month. I didn’t know how valuable this was until the actual month of our wedding. The last few weeks are always the craziest and I can’t express how amazing it was to have a planner who’s available to meet according to YOUR time.

Within the last week of the wedding, Crystal was on top of everything. She gave us list items to go through which made it so easy for us to check off the tasks we needed to complete. On the day of our wedding, she was there for us the whole time. At our wedding, she came with Celine – super friendly and polite assistant. Crystal is super detail oriented and organized. She will have a million questions for you and if you take the time to answer all her questions, she will give you the wedding of your dreams. For us, she gave us more than that and we are so grateful we chose Crystal to be our planner.

Andrea & David

Services received: Partial planning (7 months), month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design

Photo by Christine Williams photography

It has been so wonderful working with Crystal. We hired Crystal as our month-of coordinator back in 2019 for our original 2020 date. Later that same year, the pandemic happened. We postponed our wedding to 2021, and then we later again to 2022. Crystal was so accommodating and flexible when that happened. We were finally able to have the wedding of our dreams in 2022 with her help. She is so organized and goes above and beyond to walk through the process and go over all the details with you. There were even a couple things that happened at the wedding that I didn’t know about until afterwards, because she took care of it right away. Crystal knew what vision I was going for, and she made sure to confirm with the vendors that it was going to be exactly like what I wanted. She has so much experience and gave us a lot of great tips and suggestions for our wedding. She explained the ceremony plan in detail during the rehearsal, so our wedding party knew exactly what to expect. I don’t know what I would’ve done without her help leading up to the wedding. My husband and I strongly recommend Crystal!! You will absolutely not regret it!

Ada & Richard

Services received: Month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design

Photo by Noyo Creative

We hired Crystal as our month-of wedding coordinator and she went above and beyond. We are so grateful for all her assistance throughout our wedding, both in the planning process and day of. We honestly don’t know what we would have done without her. She is so incredibly organized and detailed. She gave us many tips and advice to ensure that our day went perfectly. She was very quick to respond to any questions that I had. We weren’t rushed at any point during our wedding day because of the timeline she created for us. With Crystal’s help coordinating, the entire day went off seamlessly and perfectly and we didn’t stress about our day at any point. In addition, she helped find additional décor that we needed for our wedding and helped create our mirrored seating chart and it turned out beautiful! I highly recommend Crystal as a wedding coordinator!

Linda & Jonathan

Services received: Month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, decor rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by Eunice Chan Photography

Choosing Crystal as our planner was the best decision we made for our wedding. Just from the initial call with Crystal to inquire about her services, my partner and I could immediately tell she was different from all the other planners we spoke with. Instead of the typical sales pitch, Crystal made a real effort to understand our vision, shared some great insights, and it felt like we were already working together despite no commitment being made yet at the time. It was an easy decision to go with Crystal.

Crystal’s approach to wedding planning is incredibly well structured and she made it easy for us to understand every step of the process. She is an excellent communicator and was very accommodating to various changes we had requested along the way. On top of that, she also has an extensive network of vendors which gave us many options and discounted rates that we would not have gotten otherwise. Crystal also went above and beyond to negotiate better rates on our behalf to save us more money.

On the day of the wedding, Crystal and Celine took care of everything from set up, coordinating all activities and vendors, to clean-up so that my partner and I could be completely hands-off and instead focus on each other and our guests. Everything was beautifully organized and our family and friends only had amazing things to say about our wedding! My partner and I both strongly recommend Crystal and we guarantee that you’ll love her as much as we did!

Gina & Anthony

Services received: Full planning (8 months), month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, floral, decor design & rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by Jalen Laine photography & Olive & Bean Photography

It has been a pleasure working with Crystal! She made the whole planning process and coordination of the wedding day so simple and smooth. I feel very lucky to have booked her as we quickly realized how much work and planning goes into a wedding.

She was extremely responsive and attentive. We were also quite busy with work during most of the planning process but she kept us on track with a detailed to-do list and follow-up reminders via email and phone calls.

Another reason we hired a wedding planner was because we wanted our décor and florals to look professional and beautiful. This was definitely something we couldn’t have done on our own and Crystal helped make our vision come true. We gave her a general idea of what we like and the end result was so beautiful!

She has exceptional organization skills, is able to solve problems quickly, has a great eye for aesthetic and design, and is such a hard worker. You can tell that she truly enjoys her job and it shows in the quality of her work.

We had an amazing wedding day and most of that can be attributed to her meticulous planning, trouble shooting, and running around in the background. Thank you Crystal!

Lisa & Ryan

Services received: Full planning (12 months), month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, floral, decor design & rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by L’Estelle Photography

Crystal was an excellent wedding planner who took care of us on every aspect of the planning process. The vendors she recommended were of the highest quality and her regular check-ins made us confident at each step. She was also very accommodating to our changing needs throughout planning. We would recommend her without reservation.

Natalie & David

Services received: Full planning (8 months), month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, floral, decor design & rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by L’Estelle Photography

Wedding planning is stressful and so much work! I’m so happy and glad that I chose Crystal to be my wedding planner. As someone who doesn’t like to bother with the details, she took care of pretty much everything for my wedding from the beginning to the end. From venue recommendations to the flavor of my cake and to the order of my wedding party line up, Crystal knew every single important detail. I highly recommend Crystal to any couple who’s planning a wedding. She’s responsive, professional, meticulous, diligent, and friendly. She is often the one giving me reminders to complete tasks to make sure my wedding planning is on track. She is also familiar with all the local vendors and gives you recommendations based on your values and wishes.

My wedding was amazing and we celebrated without a single hiccup! It was wonderful to be able to have fun on my wedding day without having to worry about anything! My guests thoroughly enjoyed the party! Having a wedding planner is definitely a chunky expense; however, the money and time that Crystal saved me is more than worth it! Thank you Crystal! We are very grateful for you!

Angel & Viktor

Services received: Full planning (20 months – covid postpostment), month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, floral, decor design & rental

Photo by Premier Love

We met Crystal and her team when they helped plan our friend’s wedding and we saw how smoothly the wedding went. We had already started planning for our wedding and already had a vision planned out. However, we didn’t want to be worrying about the schedule on the wedding day. We met with Crystal to see how we could leverage her services to make sure everything happened smoothly. As we discussed wedding topics, it became clear that she was very detail oriented, organized, and experienced. Needless to say, we hired Crystal as our month-of coordinator.

We explained to her what our vision for the wedding was and she quickly understood what we were looking for. She had a lot of great input in our wedding design so we also used her decor design and rental services as well. She was able to provide different price points for options to help us compare.

We had to pause our wedding due to Covid but as restrictions started easing Crystal was able to jump right back into helping us with the wedding. She helped us coordinate with the different vendors working with them on scheduling, and communicating updates. At this time, the restrictions were changing every few weeks. Crystal was able to stay on top of the new rules and coordinated with the venue to work these updates in as they were happening.

On the day-of, we didn’t have to worry about anything because we trusted Crystal and her team to run the show and make sure things were on schedule. We were able to enjoy our wedding and celebrate with friends and family we haven’t seen in over a year. Thank you for helping our wedding day go smoothly. We strongly recommend Crystal and her team.

Kayla & Alan

Services received: Month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, decor design & rental

Photo by L’Estelle Photography

After we cancelled our 2020 wedding due to covid, we found Luxe Weddings and Crystal to help with a micro ceremony. After our initial phone call I figured out how little I actually knew and how knowledgeable Crystal is. There was so much to think about for the planning process, but having Luxe Weddings on my side made it a breeze for us. She was AMAZING to work with. From her easy going demeanor to her detail-oriented mind, she is exactly what you want and need on your big day. She knows all the right questions to ask to make sure you are covering everything.

She totally meets you were you are at in the planning process which I loved. She fits around you and your process all the while gently keeping you on track. She instinctively knows when and how to offer help. We had so many compliments on her and her team.

I highly recommend reaching out to her and having a chat. You will fall in love with her and her team like we did. Our day went flawlessly, the wedding video turned out amazing and our photos will be cherished always! Thank you so much Luxe Weddings!!!

Jess & Quentin

Services received: Elopement planning and coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, decor design & rental

Photo by Premier Love

Crystal was the wedding planner for our friend’s wedding two years ago. We reached out to Crystal after we failed to find a venue that we like. During our first phone conversation, Crystal explained to us all the current pandemic restrictions. She was very helpful in suggesting several venue options that meet our requirements and budget. She was also able to help with organizing decorations setup and take down.

Throughout the planning process, Crystal has been very attentive, patient and professional. She was always quick to respond our questions. Sometimes it takes us a while to make up our decisions, but Crystals was very understanding. Crystal also took care of all the correspondence with the vendors and the commissioner, so that we can focus our time on the more important matters.

With the outdoor restrictions relaxed just a week before our wedding, we had to make quite a few last minute changes. This includes the addition of a wedding party and doubling the number of guests. Crystal was able to accommodate all our requests.

Thanks to Crystal, we were able to have an amazing wedding, and to share this moment with our friends and family.

Karen & Gary

Services received: Elopement planning and coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, decor design & rental

Photo by Love Frankly

Crystal was absolutely phenomenal when planning our wedding. We had contacted her in June requesting for partial planning and she worked her magic! She made amazing vendor referrals such as MCs, dance floors, drapery, florists, makeup and many more. Crystal basically took our ideas, mixed in with her own and created our wedding which I thought was something really special. Our guests couldn’t stop raving about how well planned and beautiful our wedding was! I had thought the wedding day would’ve been stressful but that was not the case at all. Crystal and Celine took care of everything and I enjoyed myself so much!

We had our ceremony and reception at the Jack Poole Hall inside the Alumni Centre at UBC with only a 3-4 hour gap for a flip. The ceremony, which was decorated by Crystal, gave minimalistic but elegant and romantic vibes which I absolutely loved! For reception, Crystal had decorated the place to look sweet and soft with light blush pink, ivory and white tones along with glass everywhere. She tied every element that I had asked for beautifully together and I was sooo satisfied with how the venue looked. She was so receptive to all the questions we had prior to the wedding and we felt like it was an absolute dream having Crystal as our wedding planner. She was so sweet to the point of replying back and forth with lengthy detailed emails on her birthday!

I loved her attention to detail and how much of a perfectionist she is! She is one of a kind and I have already recommended her to all my other friends who are getting married. In the beginning of the year, we were dreading all the planning but when Crystal came on board, we ended up looking forward to it! Thank you SOSOSO much Crystal!

Britina & Owen

Services received: Partial planning (3 months), month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, floral, decor design & rental

Photo by Jelger + Tanja

Crystal did our day-of coordination for our wedding this summer and we are very happy with her work. She is incredibly organised, detail oriented, and responsive. She did a fantastic job with decorations, organised all our vendors and other issues that came up behind the scenes, so that our wedding day felt completely effortless and we could just enjoy ourselves. We highly recommend her services.

Gladys & Danny

Services received: Month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, decor design & rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by Sara Rogers Photography

We are a very laid-back couple and we wanted someone who we could trust to handle all the small details we didn’t want to deal with. We also didn’t want someone pushing an agenda or being too controlling. Crystal was perfect. She had a giant binder with everything you could possibly need to know for the day and was excited to listen to our ideas and bring them to life.

We used her as a day-of coordinator, and she was so much more. She really went the extra mile to make sure everything was perfect. It was a bonus that she also rents some decor, as we had trouble sourcing a couple of things and she was able to help us with last-minute easels.

Working with Crystal felt like having a friend be your wedding coordinator. She was easy to work with, and on the day, we never stressed about anything. She had everything totally covered.

Jesse & Jason

Services received: Month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, partial decor rental

Photo by Hi5 Studio

Crystal was our full wedding coordinator and our day of coordinator. She started planning the wedding 13 months ahead of time prior to our wedding. I can definitely say that Crystal has a very nice touch and perspective in terms of organization and aesthetics. She not only plans and organizes everything in a timely, detailed manner, she also makes sure that everything will look nice and coordinated in the end. Our wedding venue and displays got many compliments due to Crystal’s attention to detail. On the day of our wedding, everything was being done without much action by us (bride and groom) and the wedding party which is exactly what we wanted for our wedding day, for everything to run smoothly.

Thank you to Crystal and Celine for making our wedding day everything we envisioned and hoped for!

Jessica & Brandon

Services received: Full planning (13 months), month of coordination, setup/takedown, decor design & rental

Photo by Premier Love

I met Crystal through a referral about 9 months before our wedding. Initially, we were looking for a day-of-coordinator who’s also able to help us setup and take-down our own decor, since we didn’t have a whole lot but would still save us a lot of stress and our friends/family could enjoy the wedding. After my first meeting with Crystal, she addressed several areas where she felt I could benefit from her month-of-coordination service instead. And boy, was she right! This was especially true the last 2-3 weeks before the wedding where all the tedious back-and-forth needed to be firmed up or clarified, and problems addressed or resolved with vendors etc… Not to mention that both my now-husband and I worked almost right up until our big day and we started having out-of-town visitors arriving.

Crystal is professional, pleasant, experienced, and offers a lot of great ideas and insight when I needed to bounce ideas or had the silliest questions that just boggled my bridezilla mind. She’s very, very detail-oriented, organized, and reliable in every way – and yes, this is coming from a control freak (me) who normally would not be able to let go. It was her first wedding at my venue, but this only shows how hard she works and goes the extra mile to make sure everything was seamless.

Besides being my sounding board, organizer, and coordinator, she is also a caring person – she checked in on me from time to time, making sure I’m coping okay. We are so grateful for her and Celine’s help on the day of the wedding as well. I had the mindset that no one wedding is ever perfect, that there’ll be something that won’t be going as planned or, even, “wrong” and that that’s okay. But, looking back now, we both felt our wedding was just the way we had hoped for, if not more! THANK YOU, CRYSTAL AND CELINE!

Connie & Eric

Services received: Month of coordination, consultations, setup/takedown, floor plan design

Photo by Angela Stearns Photography

Crystal was a true professional from beginning to end, our wedding day went off without any hitches and it was in large part due to her hard work.

Liane & Clayton

Services received: Month of coordination, consultations, setup/takedown, floor plan design, decor design & rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by Hi5 Studio

My daughter Andrea and my new son-in-law Matt were married this weekend. We came across “Luxe Weddings by Crystal Chiang” back in December, and it was the best find ever! After our first meeting with Crystal, we knew she was the one we wanted to work with. Crystal is so personable and you feel an instant connection to her. She is very organized and detailed.

My daughter had asked me if I would do the planning for her, and of course I jumped at the idea. So we only required Crystal for the last month coordinating. In retrospect, I should have just hired her for the entire planning process as there is so much more to do that I anticipated! Thankfully, Crystal offers consultations as well as partial decor design and rentals. Her consultations were so helpful, and she offered the best tips and suggestions. If you are looking for a seating chart, she does AMAZING calligraphy on a beautiful mirror!

I cannot say enough about Crystal and Celine. They worked so hard the day of the wedding and made sure everything was perfect. It allowed the rest of us to just enjoy the day…no worries at all! We never felt like just clients and she certainly felt like part of our family! At the end of the evening, they were hard at work taking down and packing things up for us. Our family and so many of our guests commented how everything looked amazing. It’s surprising how many people appreciate the little details. My daughter had a beautiful wedding, and I give much of the credit to Crystal. Andrea had a vision, and Crystal made it happen. I highly recommend Crystal for any planning and coordinating of events. She is truly a gem.

Andrea & Matt (Testimonial by Mother of the Bride)

Services received: Month of coordination, consultations, setup/takedown, floor plan design, partial decor design & rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by Hi5 Studio

I had the privilege to have Crystal as my wedding planner on Feb 23, 2019 at Fairmont Waterfront, Vancouver. She was so helpful and extremely hard work. From coordination to decoration, Crystal was able to handle without my worries. All I had to do was to get prepared, rest well and enjoy this fantastic party with my family and friends.

Crystal is extremely detailed oriented, very well organized and always stayed on top of all the situations we have. With her professional wedding planning experience, she’s able to plan a wedding that’s over our imagination while keeping within our budget range. On top of her professionalism, Crystal is also very caring and willing to contribute all her time specific to my wedding. I was also thankful that she will call me and care for my feelings when I’m feeling stressed.

Thank you so much Crystal for your fantastic hard work! Your creativity and passion towards wedding planning truly shows your talent. Truly appreciated and a big thumbs up for organizing this wonderful wedding!

Julia & Antony

Services received: Full planning (8 months), month of coordination, setup/takedown, wedding website & e-invites package, decor design & rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by Sun Yi Photography

Crystal is super professional, thoughtful, kind and sweet. She’s not only very knowledgeable about the wedding industry, but also truly cares about how I felt. She gave us lots of helpful suggestions and did consultations way! more! than the time limit in the contract! She worked hard on every little details before my wedding and made sure it went smoothly on my big day. Lots of my guest said that my wedding was one of the best wedding they’ve ever been to. Thank you so much to you and your team, Crystal! I would strongly recommend Crystal to anyone who wants a perfect wedding!!! She’s the best choice!!!

Rita & Alexius

Services received: Partial planning (2 months), month of coordination, setup/takedown, floor plan design, decor design & rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by KAHO Photography

I am so glad that I asked Crystal to be my wedding planner. Without her, I would have been enormously stressed and would probably end up with either a crappy wedding or a huge debt. She walked us through things that we never thought were involved in wedding planning (and we have been to several). We had a very informative consultation followed by quick and efficient updates throughout the 10 months of planning. She found us a great venue despite the time crunch. Crystal was really flexible and professional and it took her no time to really knew what we really want in our wedding and personalize our wedding accordingly.

The result: my guests were greatly surprised at how smoothly and punctually my wedding flowed; everyone was so happy with the service they received; I worried about nothing on my wedding day (ended up full, happy, and relaxed). She is also in charge of my wedding’s decor and it turned out GORGEOUSLY. My guests were so blown away by how elegant the venue looked. I would definitely recommend her to any newly engaged couples if you want an awesome wedding without having to go through overwhelming stress.

Rita & Andy

Services received: Full planning (10 months), month of coordination, setup/takedown, wedding website & e-invites package, decor design & rental, signage calligraphy

Photo by The Eunice & Co

Crystal was amazing to work with! She was knowledgeable and flexible with our schedules. She gave us a lot of suggestion and consultations which already out of her service. She‘s professional and helpful to set up our head table and table sets. Crystal took special care to ensure that no one in our wedding party needed to worry about decor from start to finish. Although there are some delayed, Crystal help a lot to solve the problems for me. Me, my families and all guests feel very comfortable and enjoyed our wedding! Thank you for going above our expectations with your service!

Jessica & Dike

Services received: Month of coordination, consultations, floor plan design, partial decor rental

Photo by Finlay Burrage

WOW. Crystal is a dream come true. From the beginning, she was more dedicated to executing the vision for our wedding flawlessly than anyone we’ve met. Before Crystal, we thought we were totally organized for our wedding and just needed a day-of coordinator. Once we met, she shed a lot of light on areas that needed improvement and it was clear that we were actually going to need her for the entire month leading up to our wedding.

Working with her was seamless – she took a lot of work off our plates and went above and beyond to establish relationships with our vendors and get the day totally fine tuned. She literally thought of EVERYTHING and made sure to avoid any issues before they even popped up. She’s a perfect mix of detail-oriented and meticulous as well as having incredible people skills. I know she stayed up late many nights working on our wedding to make sure it was perfect, and it WAS. On the day, she managed between guests, vendors, decor, logistics. She’s like 4 people in one. Truly incredible, sharp and able to think on her toes. Would absolutely recommend her to anyone considering her services!

Elena & Ryan

Services received: Month of coordination, floor plan design, partial decor rental

Photo by John Bello

There are no words I can say that’ll show how grateful I am to Crystal and Celine. These girls are the best! I wasn’t sure whether I was going to hire a coordinator at all and then decided on hiring a day-of coordinator. One month before the wedding, I met up with Crystal for the consultation and realized how overwhelmed (and far behind) I really was. I ended up hiring her for the month-of services and boy was I glad. She went above and beyond (wayyyy beyond) her responsibilities as per the agreement. She made sure I got things done. She made sure our special day went as smoothly as possible. Let’s just say I was a difficult client due to my prone to procrastination and the fact that my family and guests were difficult too…but she did it! If it weren’t for Luxe Weddings, I’m not quite sure this wedding would’ve even happened! Thank you SO MUCH, ladies.

Jenny & Chris

Services received: Month of coordination, consultations, setup/takedown, floor plan design, decor design & rental