Meet Crystal

Crystal Chiang

Meet Crystal Chiang – Principal Planner, Designer, and Wedding Coordinator

Hello, my name is Crystal, I am the Principal Planner & Coordinator of Luxe Weddings by Crystal Chiang.

I developed a special interest in art and design at a very young age and did all kinds of design projects during my teenager years. I received my BA (Hons) degree in Visual Communication in England, and got accepted into a masters program in San Francisco to study new media. Just when I thought I was one step closer to working for a production company in Hollywood, life took a turn, and I decided to come to Vancouver, Canada to be with my parents in early 2002.

For the past 16+ years, I’ve worked in both marketing and design capacities. I’ve managed many events and trade shows, vendor relationships, marketing budgets, company brands… the list goes on! Also, because of my art & design background, I’ve helped several businesses with designing marketing collateral, company logos, websites, email campaigns and designed many flags and street banners seen across Canada.

I really enjoyed the process of planning a wedding and developing all the design aspects involved, starting with a personalized concept and gradually seeing everything flourish as it leads up to the wedding day. It will be really exciting to use my skills to help other couples have that great wedding they’ve always wanted, doing something that I really enjoy and also what I do best.

In order to further develop my skills and knowledge in wedding planning, I decided to become a WPIC (Wedding Planners Institute of Canada) certified wedding planner & coordinator.

Now, I am interested in hearing your story and how I can help you!

Languages spoken: English and Mandarin Chinese